Ground Maintenance & Gardening

Equatorial Office Plus landscaping is based on the specific types of vegetation and creative design for the environment. We have ustomised solutions that ensure the highest standards of landscape layout, presentation and sustainability.

Installation and maintenance of any key landscaping irrigation systems, placing shrubs, plants, flowers and small trees, and providing care through cultivating, cutting /mowing, trimming, weeding, watering and replacing is part of our core services.

Our professional teams also carry out and manage proactive maintenance, including road, building fixtures, monuments and stadiums in compliance with all regulations and requirements.

Services Include

  • Landscaping architecture, designs and creative layouts
  • Irrigation sytems and placing of plantsv
  • Exclusive use of eco-friendly pest & rodent control products and natural eco friendly elimination procedures
  • Emergency pest services available 24/7
  • Services carried out in a safe and cost effective manner
  • Clearing, cleaning and disinfecting any areas contaminated by pests
  • Trapping and bait placement
  • Award Winning Firm

    Professional Workers

    Licence & Insured

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